The Eramosa Institute

The Eramosa Institute exists to promote and foster public dialogue on, and greater understanding of, ideas and issues of concern to Canadians. Still, we hope you haven't come here looking for answers.

But if it's questions you have, you're in good company. Everyone involved with this fledgling organization thinks it's important to ask questions about what's going on in our society. Because before you can formulate a question, you have to be paying attention. Attention to what's going on around you. Attention to what's happening in other parts of the world.

You also have to be able to make distinctions. You have to distinguish between what is and what could be. Otherwise, what is there to question? What choices are we really able to make?

And, of course, choices imply values. We have to value one thing more than another before we will choose it. So what do we value about Canadian society? What does it mean to be Canadian?

Our first project, called The Guelph Lecture - On Being Canadian, attempts to create dialogue on this subject, and has a special interest in ensuring that young voices join the conversation.

The Eramosa Institute is a Charitable Organization

The Eramosa Institute is a Charitable Organization that exists

Initially, and possibly on an ongoing basis, the above activities will be organized and managed by volunteers. Eventually, staff may be hired, funding may be acquired, and the scope of activities may grow to include efforts designed